10 year warranty on our shutters. All other products come with a 5-year warranty.

At Casey Blinds & Shutters, our 5-year warranty protects your purchase from structural and manufacturing faults for the life of the warranty period. This warranty also covers the installation of your new shutters or blinds and is subject to certain conditions. All products must be made and assembled using original components, and reselling or transferring your purchase or any part of your purchase will void the warranty.

This is an exclusive warranty, replacing any liability or any other warranties or obligations. Under the terms of this warranty, Casey Blinds & Shutters are not responsible for any damages – consequential or incidental – or any associated costs. This warranty only covers repairs and will not include the removal or reinstallation of the product in any case. All repairs are undertaken using similar or like-for-like parts. This warranty does not cover shipping charges and the cost of measuring, installation, and labour.

Several cases of damage or changes to the condition to your window, shutter, or blind will not be covered. This includes: unauthorised repair, misuse, accidents, abuse, alterations, motorised devices, acts of God, wear and tear, and failure to comply with installation, measurement, maintenance, or cleaning instructions. This warranty is exclusive of any liability to remove or reinstall your shutter or blind in any window, or damage to the window and its components (frame, glass, or any other part).

Casey Blinds & Shutters cannot guarantee that samples will be an exact match to the finished product; this is due to the manufacturing process, as well as natural variations in grain, texture and colour for each product. Equally, due to natural and normal variations, exact matches are not guaranteed for future orders, and returns cannot be made for this reason. All expressed and implied warranties offered by Casey Blinds & Shutters are disclaimed and exclude liability for incidental and consequential damage under all circumstances.

All blinds, shutters, battens and frames provided by Casey Blinds & Shutters are subject to an 18-point check to ensure quality control. All checked elements are photographed using high-resolution photography equipment. Additionally, all packages are photographed when removed from the shipping container to check for any damage. In the unlikely event that damages to blinds and shutters occur on-site, they can be replaced or refunded subject to appropriate proof that they arrived as damaged goods. Before signing for any package, please ensure that all contents are checked for damages.

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