Want to enjoy your outdoor space all year-round? Our stylish range of outdoor blinds and shades protect your home from the elements and are great for external windows, gardens and patio areas.

Our exterior blinds act as a barrier on windows and patios, making your heating and cooling work more effectively and keeping your energy costs low. High quality with an affordable price tag, choose from a wide choice of styles and colours to suit your style and budget.

Roller Blinds

Security Roller Shutters

Our security roller shutters offer unrivalled protection from the outside elements, securing your property and contents from both the harsh weather and intruders. An effective insulator, these blinds help to keep your house cool in summer yet warm in the winter months.

For ultimate privacy, our security roller shutters can completely block out light and noise from the outside world, creating a peaceful environment inside your home. Motorised and easily operated via a remote, these blinds can be installed in most window types, including bay and corner windows. We also offer a wide range of colours, helping you create a look that perfectly suits the facade of your home.


  • A secure option, protecting your home from adverse weather and unwanted visitors

  • Convenient and easy to operate via remote

  • Suitable for nearly all window types, including those tricky bay and corner windows

Roller Blinds

Alfresco Glass Panels

Alfresco glass panels are a great way to add that ‘wow factor’ to your home while providing year-round use of your outdoor living space. Contemporary and attractive, they’re a practical solution that allows you and your guests to fully enjoy the outside with protection from even the harshest temperatures, as well as wind, rain and nuisance flying insects.

Made using strong security glass, our glass panels offer added protection to your property from unwelcome guests. For extra convenience, we can incorporate a sliding door for easy access to and from your outdoor space.


  • Versatile – look great in various rooms and window types

  • Practical and easy to use – control daylight and privacy levels with ease

  • Durable and great for everyday use

Roller Blinds

Alfresco/Cafe/Ziptrak® Blinds

Connect the indoor and outdoor areas of your house with a simple click of a button! Our range of outdoor blinds can broaden and brighten your living space as and when you choose, while providing a protective barrier from the outside elements and pesky flies. Our range offers various styles to suit your taste, including see-through options that allow you to fully enjoy the scenery of your backyard or garden.

Our motorised outdoor blinds are controlled via a remote from the comfort of your home. Made using high-quality materials, there are no fiddly zippers, cords or buckles to contend with, and pelmets and side channels create an attractive, streamlined finish.


  • Create a classy, statement look at an affordable price

  • Superior light and privacy control

  • Provides effective room insulation for lower energy bills

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