Our premium quality curtains are designed to fit your windows perfectly; with a choice of over 300 fabrics, we can help you find the ideal style for your home at an affordable price. Unlike the default sizes of pre-packed curtains, we make our curtains to measure. This way, we can create them to fit your window’s exact dimensions, or from your ceiling to the floor if you prefer.

We have 3 different designs to match your chosen room – sheer, blockout and double-layered curtains. Looking for a specific style of curtain? We offer them in S fold, pleated, or with eyelets and rods to suit your style needs.

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Sheer Curtains

Our Sheer curtains gently filter in natural light and soften the look of your rooms, making them bright and airy while muting the glare of the sun and street lights. They can also be used in a window together with blackout curtains, for the ultimate choice in style and practicality.

With a range of styles to choose from – including formal, casual, modern or traditional looks – our made to measure sheer curtains make a perfect window accessory for living areas and bedrooms.


  • Brightens up your personal space while offering an element of privacy

  • Understated yet stylish, choose from a range of styles to suit your home

  • Combine with blockout curtains for ultimate style and practicality

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Blockout Curtains

In today’s modern world, blockout curtains are becoming increasingly popular for those seeking a decent night’s sleep. Our made to measure blockout curtains offer an excellent solution, completely blocking out light from the outside at any time of day for enhanced privacy and uninterrupted sleep.

Durable and practical, our blockout curtains are also an effective room insulator. Choose from a range of beautiful colours or combine with a sheer curtain for the ultimate room aesthetic.


  • Completely blocks out light for an uninterrupted night’s sleep

  • Increased insulation – keeps rooms cool in summer and cosy in winter

  • Made from premium quality, durable fabrics in a choice of beautiful styles

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Double Layered Curtains

Our premium quality, double layered blockout curtains have a thermal coating at the back for maximum insulation and a more energy-efficient home. The added layer helps to keep heat in and light out – great for Melbourne’s interchangeable weather!

Our double layered curtains are a fantastic option for those needing privacy and a good night’s sleep. As with all of our made to measure curtains, we offer an attractive range of colours to suit your chosen style.


  • Best for insulation and keeping energy bills low

  • Offers ultimate privacy and completely blocks out outside light

  • A practical choice without compromising on style

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